Asian Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Description: If you like Arabic style cabinets and Asian style accessories for designing, why not design your own bath space using the two? Asian style bathroom design ideas have much in store to choose from – from Arabic designer wall covers to Japanese style interiors! If you have made up your mind to choose an Asian style as a bathroom design idea, make sure you choose colors from the Asian palette. Warm colors like orange, maroon, dark red go best with Asian style bathroom design ideas. Add a bamboo plant or a Feng Shui, a small Buddha table piece or other Asian d├ęcor like water bamboo plants, to accessorize your bathroom in the authentic Asian style. If you like the Arabian styles, try considering a golden embellishment on the bathtub to add an Arabian tinge. Choose bright colors like fuchsia, turquoise blue or aquamarine green for one of your wall covers to create an Arabic look. Add some jewel-like ornamental accents. You can add Indian style curtains to accessorize an Arabic-styled bathroom design. A spontaneous Namaste is guaranteed!
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