The Importance Of Lighting In An Interior Design Project!

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Interior Design IdeasLight is an essential part of our daily activities. Just like we need air, water and food to survive we need light in order to function efficiently.

Gone are the days when people used to stop working after sunset. The invention of electricity has made life easier and has helped to improve efficiency.

The use of light in interior spaces greatly affects the environment and "mood" inside the space. Here are some of the aspects that can be considered while lighting an interior space.

1) Natural light:

The Sun is the biggest source of light available on our planet. We all are dependant on it. Sunlight is not only required to function but is also responsible for biological balance of the Earth. Sunlight also keeps the air clean by killing any possible bacterial attacks which might be harmful to health.

It is normally assumed that sunlight can penetrate inside a space for about 7 feet (approximately 20 meters). If the architect has taken proper care during planning of the structure, then sunlight can be a very good and free source of light.

2) Artificial filler lights:

These types of lights work on electricity and are required mostly at the night times. But this is not always true. There are some geographical locations where the weather is cloudy for most months in a year.

At such times filler lights in the form of fluorescent tube lights. These types of light are used to create the same effect that the sunlight would create. As the name suggests. these types of lights "fill" the space evenly with light, eliminating any dark spaces.

3) Special lighting for special spaces:

Special lighting is required at spaces where it is necessary to create a "mood" or special "ambience" inside a space. To achieve this use of color is done. Lighting fixtures like spot lights are used which divert the attention of the crowd at certain focused areas.

These kind of techniques are also used in commercial showrooms, to enhance the importance of the display areas. If you have visited car shows, exhibition pavilions, you will see this kind of lighting extensively used.

Special type of lighting requires more number of light fixtures, because the area they cover is very limited.

Interior Design Ideas

4) Extreme lighting:

This type of lighting is used in spaces where the activities have a special purpose, such as movie studios, pubs, dance floors, etc.. Here the lighting used can be of movable types, or can have more sophisticated controls such as intensity, color, movement, controlled through music beats.

The above discussion shows, how the activities happening inside a space directly affect the type of lighting used inside a space. A properly planned lighting plan can greatly enhance the quality of a space.

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Hardwood Floors For Interior Design And For Home Decorating

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Interior Design IdeasUsing hardwood floors for interior design and for home decorating, based on furniture of the eighteenth century may be discussed from different points of view. However, what most people realize is the distinguish details of tables made from that century. Dinner and wine tables were some of those pieces of furniture that could add a different touch of class to your interior decorating. Learn from the history of furniture book, by Frederick Litchfield ideas on how 18th century furniture, from the earliest to the present time.

To the latter part of the eighteenth century the English furniture of which time has been discussed on the site belong the quaint little "urn stands" which were made to hold the urn with boiling water, while the tea pot was placed on the little slide which is drawn out from underneath the table top. In those days tea was an expensive luxury, and the urn stand, of which there is an illustration, inlaid in the fashion of the time, is a dainty relic of the past, together with the old mahogany or marqueterie tea caddy, which was sometimes the object of considerable skill and care. They were fitted with two and sometimes three bottles or tea-pays of silver or Battersea enamel, to hold the black and green teas, and when really good examples of these daintily-fitted tea caddies are offered for sale, they bring large sums.Interior Design Ideas

Eighteenth Century Wine Tables

The wine table of this time deserves a word. These are now somewhat rare, and are only to be found in a few old houses, and in some of the Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge. These were found with revolving tops, which had circles turned out to a slight depth for each glass to stand in, and they were sometimes shaped like the half of a flat ring. These latter were for placing in front of the fire, when the outer side of the table formed a convivial circle, round which the sitters gathered after they had left the dinner table.

One of these old tables is still to be seen in the Hall of Gray's Inn, and the writer was told that its fellow was broken and had been "sent away." They are nearly always of good rich mahogany, and have legs more or less ornamental according to circumstances.

A distinguishing feature of English furniture of the last century was the partiality for secret drawers and contrivances for hiding away papers or valued articles; and in old secretaries and writing tables we find a great many ingenious designs which remind us of the days when there were but few banks, and people kept money and deeds in their own custody. Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas

Interior design ideas these days are dime a 12. If you watch a television show that is dedicated to interior designing for one hour, once you come out, you would have enough knowledge that you can design for complete home. The main drawback of a television show when compared to applying these ideas in life is these are tough to document. If you don’t sit next or in front of the TV and scribble down madly onto paper piece, it is really difficult to remember all the ideas that you get watching the show. The key for a successful interior designing is planning.

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

What is immediately striking about the living room interior design ideas by Calligaris is how welcoming and easy-on-the-eye they are. Gorgeous color coordination incorporating large blocks of bold color, patterned accents, and a range of finishes and textures make the living room ideas a tasty visual treat. Nothing is bulky or overpowering, instead, there is a sense of crispness – a precise aesthetic brought about by the unique, individual pieces that work so well together. Interior Design IdeasLight flows through a number of elements in these modern living room inspirations, such as the wonderful transparent red chairs that shine like a sucked sweet. The matching red lamps accentuate the look. Extraordinary ceiling suspended lamps bring light and style to most of the interiors – often hanging over the dining table where their interesting forms can be best appreciated. Check out the multi-faceted, mirror finish lamp in a teardrop shape, for example – totally groovy. All in all, Calligaris fills the spaces only with objects that really matter – each piece of furniture is funky and functional.

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas

There's a deal to be said for modern interior designs and most people have already said it! The descriptions for these designs can range from, soulless to spacy to clinically pristine. Not everyone thinks this way of course, that's just the school of thought which believes that black on black, or chrome and white color schemes are the devil's answer to all things inside design

I have to agree on the fact that the white and chromium-plate color scheme does leave a lot to be desired but there are other, unlike modern interior designs which can shape quite a a few people. For example some of the modern interior designs have achieved a unique proportion between the old and the new, and try to comprehend the best of both worlds.Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes they might fall straight on their faces in their efforts to achieve this look, but more often than not they succeed and the result is very refined and glamorous indeed. Just the other day I saw the perfectible example of what I was talking about.

Alternatively of Using chrome as if it were about to go out of fashion, this inside interior decorator had only merged it in a few key places, thus ensuring that the person entering the room didn't get an eyeful of chromium-plate first thing. And along with this, wooden butcher's blocks and granite counters had been complimented with wooden floor and modern appliances.

Interior Design IdeasThe whole look of this kitchen came together attractively and happy the eye, and this was, in spite of the deep eye-catching green color that one wall was painted in. It's this typewrite of modern interior designs that gives trust to the future of internal design, and makes you think that the old school way of inside designs won't be left whole in the dust when the time comes for it die a natural death.

Yet this going away of the old and tried and true does not have be a sorry occasion. This is because the new inside designer of the future will someday look through the pages of history and perhaps bring a few of the trends from our modern times into the future.Interior Design Ideas

Everything has its time and everything must pave way to the new and untried while the old style fades into the screen background and becomes a classic look. Just think about it, would you have the old Regency manner inside decor in your homes now? So modern interior designs will take over the world preferably or afterwards and we can only sit back and desire that we have changed sufficiently to admire these designs.

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