Interior Design Tips for Small Space

Interior Design Tips for Small Space

Small Space Interior Design TipsFurniture on wheels is easy to move out of they way or use in another room.

furnitureKeep your furniture away from the walls even in small spaces.

Small Space Interior Design Tips living room dining roomFind creative ways to divide spaces. Dining Room

living room dining roomDon't skimp on light fixtures. They finish a room, draw your eye up and make a room feel
larger. dining room living room

Small Space Interior Design TipsBuy the right sized furniture for the space. Not too big not to small, just right. Accessoaries

Small Space Interior Design TipsKeep accessories neat and organized and if you rent remember that when you design with accessories you can take them with you when you go.

General Interior Design and Decotation Tips

If you just bought a new house and will start decorating, keep the walls simple and majority of the walls plain especially if you are the typical Filipino who keeps accumulating things over the years and can't throw away anything because of sentimental reasons. So that when you move in your furniture, wall decors and accessories, the rooms will not look cluttered.

● If you are buying new furniture, measure your room and the furniture. Scale the room & furniture on cutout newspaper: 1 feet = 1 inch and see if the furniture are proportionate to the room. Make sure there are ample spaces to walk around your furniture.

● Feel free to mix and match different styles of stuff, like contemporary furniture with oriental pieces. Just don't over do it. Make sure they blend together.

● One way to beautify a room even if the walls are plain white is by putting moldings or cornice on the ceiling edge and baseboards.

Home Decorating Ideas
● If you want to make a room look bigger, use mirrors. they give you an illusion of more space. Colors too affect the illusion of space. A monochromatic color scheme (one/similar color with different shades) like off whites, cream & beige will give you an appearance of more space while warm colors like red and yellow will give an impression of a smaller space. On the other hand cool colors like blue and green will give an openness appearance.

● When choosing a new color for a wall, paint a section of the wall and observe it for a few days at different times. It is a good idea to paint one shade lighter than your sample swatch. Almost always, the color on your sample will look brighter on a big wall than on a small swatch.

Home Decor Ideas & Tips

● Don't use gloss paint on ceilings, they will show imperfections specially at night when you open the lights.

● It is advised that you don't use strong colors on areas that you frequently use. But you can be more daring with colors on hallways and staircases where you just pass by and don't really stay as often like your bedroom.

● Install your picture frames on eye level, putting them high on the wall makes your ceiling seem lower. Aside from the fact that people will have to gaze up to look at your picture.

● If your floor is made of concrete, tiles or any stone material, put area rugs to make your room cozy and rotate your rug /carpet once in a while to even out the wear and tear.

● Use inexpensive garden pots as indoor planter by painting and decorating them.

● Your garden affects a great deal in beautifying your home but be cautious with big plants, shrubs and trees. They can be hiding places for burglars.

Interior Design Ideas & Tips

● It is also a good idea to put gravel near windows so you (or your dog) can hear if somebody is trying to peek inside.

● Lights are deterrent to thieves. Light your house exterior more than the inside of your house when going to bed.

● In designing, the overall look of your home is paramount. From your furniture, wall colors, to lighting fixtures, everything should be proportional, balanced and harmonious. A small and delicately carved side table may be beautiful as a piece of f urniture but it may not blend well next to a bulky and oversized living room set. Always consider other elements in a room when choosing your furniture, drapes, etc. Ask yourself it is the right size & scale, color and style. If the answer is yes, go ahead and trust your instincts.

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● Your home should reflect your personality. You can hire an interior designer or decorator, but in the end it should be you and your family's character that should reflect in your home. Go along only with suggestions that is pleasing to you. Remember that a beautiful home is a home that is beautiful to it's owner.

Interior Design:Make One Corner Beautiful at a Time

(ARA) - If you have the discipline to stick to it, this simple adage -- make one corner beautiful at a time -- can transform your decorating dreams from overwhelming to manageable and rewarding.

The idea is by no means new. As the story is told, a young New England bride in the late 1800s was faced with the seemingly overwhelming task of hand sewing the obligatory curtains for nine large windows gracing the front of her impressive Federal-style home on the town’s main street. “Make one corner beautiful at a time,” counseled a wise village elder. Convention not withstanding, the greatly relieved bride turned her efforts toward creating a livable sitting room for herself and her groom, the unused upstairs bedrooms getting attention in due time.

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