Interior Design Tips for Small Space

Interior Design Tips for Small Space

Small Space Interior Design TipsFurniture on wheels is easy to move out of they way or use in another room.

furnitureKeep your furniture away from the walls even in small spaces.

Small Space Interior Design Tips living room dining roomFind creative ways to divide spaces. Dining Room

living room dining roomDon't skimp on light fixtures. They finish a room, draw your eye up and make a room feel
larger. dining room living room

Small Space Interior Design TipsBuy the right sized furniture for the space. Not too big not to small, just right. Accessoaries

Small Space Interior Design TipsKeep accessories neat and organized and if you rent remember that when you design with accessories you can take them with you when you go.
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  2. Jhon Says:

    Furniture took important place ion a room nice tips for furniture for small space. I have done Kitchen Remodling in Los Angles , thanks for this post.